Behind The Scenes At The Filming Of The Movie “Overtown” with Chad Ochocinco, Bushwick Bill, Kelly Overton and more – Looking For Kickstarter Help




From the director of SHOTTAS, the gritty story of three friends who will do anything to survive Miami’s historic ghetto – Overtown.

Between shooting his cult hit Shottas in 2002 and its long-overdue 2006 theatrical release, Writer/director Cess Silvera writes what he knows. Sometimes the life of a movie can take its own unique twists and turns. Though this project started as a small independent feature, it has grown: big talent has come onboard, a full crew has made its way to Miami, and the explosive nature of some of the scenes has become more vivid. We couldn’t be more thrilled. However, this means the budget has grown as well. Cess and crew need your help to make this movie everything it should be and more.

In comes their Kickstarter page to help with the production costs of the project. Click here to see the video and see the contribution levels. And you can also check Cess’ Instagram for some dope behind the scenes since they started shooting two weeks ago.

About The Movie: Overtown is the incredible true story of a single mother who was willing to do whatever it took to protect her family. Tammy faced the mounting pressure of raising two children alone, losing an uncle to drugs, and watching her sick mother deteriorate as she was denied medical care. Most people would have folded. Tammy did the unthinkable. She decided to go toe to toe with the local drug lord that had held her neighborhood hostage for years. And here’s a look at the cast:

KELLY OVERTON @iamkellyoverton
As a struggling single mom and the film’s moral center Tammy, Overton brings both sensitivity and the fierceness of a mama bear just trying to protect her cubs. Overton is a regular on True Blood, playing werewolf Rikki Naylor. She kicked ass in the movie adaptation of the fighting game Tekken. She has honed her chops on All My Children and in multiple Broadway shows, and has even found time to write, direct, and produce her own project.

CHAD JOHNSON @ochocinco
Love him or really love him, he’s an entertainer. This Miami native racked up over 11,000 receiving yards, 67 touchdowns, and 6 pro-bowl selections in the NFL but was better known for what he did after the whistle blew. Whether it’s using props to celebrate a TD, legally changing his name to Ochocinco, or Dancing with the Stars, he’s always captured attention. Now he takes on his first starring role as Overtown’s loose cannon ‘Dusty.’

KHOTAN @khotanland
He may look like just your average smoldering Latin heartthrob, but as an actor, Khotan Fernandez is no stranger to the world of drug lords and drivebys. He starred in ‘Perro Amor’ as a son who vows revenge on his father’s killer and in ‘El Cartel,’ about the dangerous world of Mexican drug rings. Born in Mexico City, Khotan is quickly becoming one of Mexico’s most popular actors, and not just because of his looks. Okay fine, he plays an underwear model on USA’s ‘Royal Pains.’

Vinnie Jones was suspended from pro soccer for 6 months for “bringing the game into disrepute”and then indefinitely banned after missing a disciplinary hearing. He gave soccer the middle finger and took his infamy to the screen. Some of his 75 acting credits include Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and played ‘Juggernaut’ in X-men: The Last Stand.

LEW TEMPLE @LewTempleActor
Walking Dead fans rejoice: Lew Temple is on board to play crazy Uncle Cliff, who has a good heart but not much self-control. This acting legend was also seen in Unstoppable with Denzel and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Christmas dedicated her life to fitness after an experience in Iraq as a civilian contractor, and hasn’t looked back. She is now one of the most recognizable members of the CrossFit community. As a member of CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff she has led her team to Mid-Atlantic Regionals three years running. As if being more fit than most every other person on the planet wasn’t enough, she took on challenge to become the first female member of a NASCAR pit crew. Mission accomplished. She will be changing tires during Daytona 500 this year. She’s excited to try her hand at acting, and given this girl’s dedication and commitment, we’re sure she’ll succeed.

MAVADO @Mavado_Gully
Cess Silvera’s OVERTOWN wouldn’t be complete without a cameo from a Jamaican music legend, so we’re lucky to say that Mavado, who has won best Reggae artist of the year and recorded his hit “Real McKoy” for the trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV, is on board to add some Jamaican flavor to Overtown.

As an actor, lyricist, and vocalist Bushwick Bill has done it all. His rap group Geto Boys was named 10th on the list of top 25 rap groups of all time. Bill now brings his talent and charm to Overtown and we’re thrilled to have him.

Once again, make sure you check the Kickstarter page for more info and to help contribute to the cause of making this movie as good as its intended by the cast and crew.

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