Get Nutty With All ‘Bout Trees



Born in Miami, raised in L.A, local eco-friendly organic line All ‘Bout Trees has a plan to build a fully sustainable “off the grid” store. How do they plan to do it? With your help.

Tore & Spike, or Salvatore and Alvaro for a more formal approach, started All ‘Bout Trees last year as an effort to create a new trend: ethical apparel. Fresh gear Β made au natural. No pesticides, no HMO’s, no crap – basically.Their logo, the gold squirrel, dubbed Midas (the god who turns everything he touches into gold), represent good luck and the ideology that if you work hard luck will follow. But luck isn’t everything. Sometimes a little help from your friends and the community get’s you by.

In this case, the Kickstarter community. All ‘Bout Trees needs your help to make and eco-friendly trend one that stays. Go on. Get nutty. You’ll get some fresh gear in return. The Nut Stash snapback is rowdy. It even has a stash pocket, hence the name, you know, in case you’re all ’bout trees too.

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