The New $100 Dollar Bill – (2013)



Benjamin Franklin just got a make over! The new $100 bill was released into circulation yesterday (October 8th 2013). After 10 years in the making, and despite multiple failed releases, the super note is finally complete, and looking better than ever. The new look is an attempt to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters, and revamp its global positioning.

According to the Federal Reserve, more than half of $100 notes in circulation are overseas, ranking them at the top of the nation’s exports. As a result, the $100 bill is the most commonly counterfeited note outside the United States. Two new features include:

(1) A three-dimensional blue strip with images that appear to move when the note is tilted, and

(2) An image of a copper inkwell containing a holographic bell whose color changes when tilted. out with the old, in the with the new.

Source: NY Times


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