Kaskade’s Atmosphere Is “Something, Something”

Atmos. Tour - Miami_credit markowensphoto.com

Photo Credit:  markowensphoto.com

Leave it to Kaskade to put on a show. The Grammy nominated DJ/Producer kicked off his big rooms, small tour in Miami this past Saturday. When we say small tour, we mean four cities small, with a duo of shows in Chicago and a trio in Los Angeles. Lucky bastards. We only got one, but it hit hard.

Like the album his tour supports, “Atmosphere,” the debut show was just that – building an atmosphere for the entire tour. I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed for the first 45 minutes or so. Not that it was bad. The show was greatly put together – Kaskade even kicked it off by singing his own vocals, something he’s never done before this album, and this show. That, followed by a smooth switch-a-roo from one stage to another, like a tornado, without anyone even having time to notice what hit them are details to be appreciated. Whether you were in the floor general admission, back of the arena, or even nose bleed, Kaskade at one point or another put on a show just for you. In his switchback, which you of course expected, he got you again – Skylar Grey now appeared in a gorgeous sequenced dress. People had to take their glasses off just to make sure their mind wasn’t playing tricks on them or that the visuals weren’t that crazy. They were, but she was there too. And then, that voice. It was indeed Skylar Grey, with a flawless live rendition of “Room for Happiness.” As if that song didn’t already make you happy enough, this was utter bliss. And it was at this moment that things took a turn, and although the first 45 minutes had been a disappointment, even that had changed. The realization of the atmosphere around all of the sudden sunk in. Don’t be fooled by an emptiness – there’s so much more room for happiness.

He did this on purpose – setting it up, building the atmosphere –  little by little. And with complete precision. What started off as a tropical storm, quickly transformed into a category 5 storm, building from the crowds heat and energy. Only this is the first category 5 restaurant to hit Miami and not leave behind any damages. Instead, he saved us all. Like his “Something, Something” track soulfully tells the world I don’t need you, I just want you, I want you … We wish we could say the same, but the truth is, we don’t want you (well, we do) but we need you, too. And we can’t wait till your back.


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