What is “#YoAmo305″?



Miami’s art scene is one of great prominence and notoriety, mostly due to its one of a kind murals throughout the Wynwood area. However, there’s one piece in particular that always stands out to us here at The305.com – the Yo Amo 305 mural.  The infamous mural is one of the most popular places to take photos of yourself or of it whenever you’re in Wynwood or whenever you’re at the monthly second-Saturday Art Walk. The piece first made its appearance on March 21st, 2011 on the front of the well known Product/81 gallery, which is ran by Alex Fernandez-Casais and Bibi LouLou.

What initially started off just a simple form of branding for the gallery, quickly turned into a local phenomena. Everyone from art enthusiasts, locals, and tourist of all ages pay homage to the mural.  The hashtag #YoAmo305 was soon added at the bottom of the mural in order for Instagramers and Twitter heads alike to share their photos of the Wynwood landmark.

Also, the mural has many faces. Because of its popularity, the mural has had several different themes such as Valentines Day, rainbow patterns to commemorate Gay pride, and a Miami Heat theme featuring Dwayne Wade during our 2013 championship run.

The “Yo Amo 305″ mural is without a doubt a piece that embodies the pride we have for our city, and is a mandatory spot to go see if your in the Wynwood area. Only in Miami can you find something so simple and yet so profound, which is one on the reasons why we love the 305…

Product/81 Gallery (Yo Amo 305 mural)
2311 NW Second Ave.
Miami, FL, 33127
(786) 395-7172

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