Dan Le Batard’s Radio Show To Go National On October 1st + More Work With ESPN



Sports columnist and personality Dan Le Batard wrote a piece for the Miami Herald this morning to make a few announcements. He said that he will unfortunately be doing less work for the Herald, but will take on a new opportunity that ESPN has presented to him that will require more of his time and attention. Something that will make him “more Miami” and something will be helping him continue to become that “Voice Of South Florida Sports” that he’s always tried to become.

I’ve never had any desire to leave Mama Herald, and have always told people that there is only one thing that could pull me away: Something that makes me more Miami. That thing has never existed, so I’ve never left. But it is about to exist. ESPN is creating it, and maintaining it will now be my full-time job. Soon, it’ll be housed in a radio and TV studio on South Beach. Need to thank the president of ESPN for that. And Miami. And this newspaper. And you. Writing, you should know, is really lonely. It is the most fulfilling thing I do, but also the very loneliest.

I do a little daily television show on ESPN2 with my Cuban cartoon father and some friends, in a kitchen meant to look like 1980s Hialeah (which is kind of 2013 Hialeah). I do a radio show with my friends on 790 The Ticket and 104.3 FM that is about to be national on Oct. 1, but will continue to be in and for Miami.

I’m not interested in being recognized in an airport in Pittsburgh, and I’m not interested in talking about the shortstop for the Seattle Mariners. I’ve told ESPN that I’m going to continue to write and talk about the things that matter to me and Miami, and that’s what ESPN wants.

More Miami. This isn’t about me leaving Miami, rest assured of that. This is, as always, about bringing Miami with me.

Congrats to Dan and the crew. Looking forward to more of his dominance in sports media – all in while, representing Miami like no other.

Source: Miami Herald

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