Lebron’s New Sitcom…

Lebron James Dunks fly

Lebron James Dunks fly

As if dominating the NBA wasn’t enough, Lebron James is planning to team up with STARZ (the company that has brought you original shows like “Spartacus” and “Magic City”) in order to produce a new sitcom called “Survivor’s Remorse”

The show is set to be a half hour, and will be based on the lives of two men from the streets of Philadelphia and how they deal with friends and family after one of them becomes an NBA star. Although, Lebron won’t be starring in the show, the story line is loosely based on him and childhood friend Maverick Carter, who will also be working closely on the project.

In a sports world that often finds athletes running away from social responsibilities, Lebron keeps trying to add more to his plate. This is the sort of ambition that has taken him from a regular kid from Akron, to being on the top of the sports stratosphere.

“Survivor’s Remorse” currently has no set air date.

Source: ESPN

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