PHOTO: This Map Tells You How Racially Divided & Segregated Miami and Dade County Really Are…


miami-dade-county-segregationClick To Enlarge

The University of Virginia put together a map system for the entire United States that breaks down the racial divide in all the neighborhoods across the country. And with that said, Miami and Dade County were factored in as well using data from the 2010 census.

Every dot represents a person and the key shows you what color represents what group of people. Β The map clearly shows the heavy Hispanic presence in most areas of the county, as well as the more affluent neighborhoods sprinkled with a more White presence. And lastly, you can definitely see the pockets of areas that are predominantly black.Β It doesn’t really take a map for locals to see all of this and to see that segregation still kinda’ manifests itself, but its just alarming to see it in visual form like this.

You can click on the map of above to see a more zoomed in version of the City Of Miami’s central area, and below you can see the full spectrum of Dade County and can enlarge it by clicking on it.



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