Calvin Harris Kicks Girl Out of LIV

Calvin Harris Kicks Girl Out of LIV

EDM Superstar Calvin Harris kicked off the Labor Day weekend at LIV this past Thursday by kicking a girl out da’ club. The reason? She was at a Calvin Harris show and didn’t know a Calvin Harris song. “Feel So Close” at that …

The footage, captured by ย a couple of fans, shows Calvin introducing himself to an overabundance of Brazilians and asking the question “whose show did you come to?”

“Play something original” she says, after being lifted up by the crowd to talk to the artist. ย After defending his own music and calling her a bitch, Calvin does what anyone else getting paid thousands of dollars to play to an arrogant uneducated fan would do – ask that she be removed from the club by Dave Grutman. Now that’s embarrassing. Turns out being a girl and talking to the DJ doesn’t get you anywhere after all. #thatssomiami

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