1937: Amelia Earhart’s Plane Landing In Miami & The A Few Other Photos



Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra 10E NR16020 arriving at Miami, Florida, 23 May 1937. She first landed at THE WRONG AIRPORT (due to a mistake by her navigator Fred) at Eastern Air Lines 36th Street Airport which was closed with no one in the control tower.  She then took off once again and six minutes later landed at the Miami Municipal Airport, which is now known as Opa-locka Airport. She stayed in Miami for a week or so (studying her flight path etc), which you can see her pictured below with her navigator Fred (not taken in Miami)…


Amelia then took off from Miami to finish her journey on June 1st to continue on to be the first woman to fly around the world, yet didn’t finish her quest as Amelia inside this very plane you see above ended up crashing somewhere midway in the Pacific Ocean, which was so close to her finish line. Below is a photo of the plane getting prepared for the take off from Miami.


Miami was the last place of the continental U.S. that she visited before heading on to the rest of her journey (which included Puerto Rico as the next immediate stop after Miami).

“…on Sunday morning, May 23, headed on southeastward for Miami. From New Orleans we laid a straight course across the north-easterly “corner” of the Gulf of Mexico to Tampa, a matter of about 400 miles. It was Bo’s first considerable over-water flying and I am not sure he was very enthusiastic about it. That Sunday afternoon we reached Miami, and dug in for a week of final preparation, with the generous aid of Pan American personnel.” — Amelia Earhart


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