Discover Miami’s Unearthed Musical Gem In Austin Paul


Austin Paul

20-year old Austin Paul has transformed the very way Miami natives view neo-R&B that has fluctuated in growth these past few years. The sleek, minimalist nature of the genre has attracted a crowd of passionate music listeners looking for a ‘real-world’ escape. It was his first EP, Velvet, where Austin Paul won over tastemakers of all kinds, with the most prominent one being the ever-so fashionable Pharrell. Velvet was deemed as the first installment of Paul’s trilogy, which released digitally via Symbols Recordings. One of the standout records, “American Nightmare”, made a large majority of us fond of the shadowy crooning, which still managed to bring on a sense of ecstasy with each resonating sound. Paul was one of those rare cases of an arguable ‘boy genius’ that looked to master his crafts within his own soul and steps, all while growing up in a rather traditional Christian household.


Velvet was based on moments and lost memories, while Paul’s second EP, Disparia, strapped us in for a journey through his subconscious. “Believer” was the first official single off Disparia, where the music video that accompanied served as Paul’s directorial debut. The same haunting electro-soul reverberations that inhabited Velvet seemed to be kept intact through two South Florida producers in Nuri and POSHstronaut for Disparia. The polished sounds have us at wonderment to exactly where Austin Paul is going to lead us to next. Could this mean that the musical landscape of Miami is going through some sort of metamorphosis? Are our listeners becoming more accommodating to the expression of our youth? Whatever the case may be, it’s going to be a surprisingly somber moment when the curtains are finally closed with this trilogy. I’m sure there is no fear in any of our hearts; Austin Paul will have something up his sleeves for the ensuing run.

 “While Velvet was based on moments and memories, Disparia takes you through Paul’s subconscious. Disparia is the town where his subconscious lives, and everyone he meets is himself. There are two essential characters that are portrayed throughout the entire album. The female side which is naive and lives off inspiration, and the male side which acts without remorse or consciousness. While writing Disparia, he felt it was a visual journey as well as a lyrical one. Paul would sketch characters of Disparia which would in turn inspire him to write. As he got deeper into the album, the lyrics began to inspire the sketches.” – Associated Press

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