Top 12 Highest Paid DJ’s Of The Year – “Electronic Cash Kings Of 2013″


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Hip-hop deejays have a LONG way to go if they’re ever gonna catch up to these guys. Forbes just released its annual Electronic Cash Kings list of 2013 with the top twelve highest paid DJ’s of the year.

The usual suspects are on here from Tiesto to Afrojack and more. But what’s surprising is the amount that these guys have been making.

From production, endorsement deals, restaurant ownership and of course, DJ gigs – were all used and considered to make the list. But just keep in mind that Forbes may be off by a few mill here and there since these numbers aren’t authenticated by the artists themselves.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”12. Diplo – $13 million (tie)” image=””]

Making beats for Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Snoop Lion have definitely taken Diplo to the next level. That and his solo slash Major Lazer gigs have racked him an estimated $13 Million.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”12. DJ Pauly D – $13 million (tie)” image=””]

Well, most of it is Jersey Shore money, but he’s still technically a DJ getting paid for gigs so Forbes decided that he should make the cut.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”11. Steve Aoki – $14 million” image=””]

Some restaurant money. Some Dim Mak money. And 270 gigs in 365 days money. Steve Aoki is doing a-okay quite allright for himself.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”9. Kaskade – $16 million (tie)” image=””]

130 shows within a year and one of the top DJ’s in Vegas, Kaskade brought in $16 Million.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”9. Skrillex – $16 million (tie)” image=””]

It’s Skrillex, bitch.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”8. Armin van Buuren – $17 million” image=””]

120 shows in 12 months, and an album he released in May (his fifth). $17 milly for Mr. van Buuren.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”7. Afrojack – $18 million” image=””]

He’s come a long way since his early work with Pitbull. Afrojack (born in the Netherlands) has become one of the most in-demand DJ’s and producers in the world.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”6. Avicii – $20 million” image=””]

He told Forbes that “you don’t really need anything anymore, you need your computer.” Avidii has made a bedroom hobby (using pirated software) and turned it into a multi-million dollar brand and empire.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”5. Deadmau5 – $21 million” image=””]

Controversial and very outspoken, yet that didn’t stop Deadmau5 to stack $21 millions this past year.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”4. Swedish House Mafia – $25 million” image=””]

They retired as a group via Ultra this past year, but they’re still made TONS of money as a group.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”3. David Guetta – $30 million” image=””]

45 years old and lovin’ it. David Guetta has sold over six million albums and 15 million singles worldwide.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”2. TiΓ«sto – $32 million” image=””]

$32 Million and yet he’s still not the highest paid DJ of last year. Nevertheless, Tiesto is doing it right.


[SINGLESP thumbnail_number=”” title=”1. Calvin Harris – $46 million ” image=””]

Calvin Harris is the undisputed king, earning a whopping $46 million between his production, songs and DJ’ing gigs. He averages about $200,000 or more per DJ gig at the highest.

Source: Forbes




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