Pitbull Helping Build New Charter School In Little Havana



Pitbull is bringing his fame and his fortune back to the community that started it all for him. He’s helping build a school in Little Havana called SLAM, which stands for Sports Leadership and Management, a school that will have a relationship with the Miami Marlins and will focus on sports management.

Privately run public schools, charter schools are becoming increasingly common and accepted, though they were initially resisted by Democrats. But as blacks and Hispanics, who tend to vote Democratic, increasingly turn to charter schools as a quasi-private alternative to public schools, some of the partisan opposition has given way.

State Rep. Eric Fresen, a Miami Republican who has family and financial ties to Academica, said the rapper’s support is based on his personal experience.

“Armando is a family friend and, more importantly, has three children in high-performing charter schools and believes in them,” Fresen said in a written statement.

“He thought the sports theme was a great hook to get kids engaged in education, especially in Little Havana, so he offered to help promote and brand it,” Fresen added. “There is no financial motivation. He’s very rich on his own right already.”

In Washington, Pitbull sounded like the typical charter-school booster. He told the conference that schools like SLAM, in his old neighborhood, give a chance to kids who otherwise don’t get them.

“I constantly gave a wrong address to go to a better school,” he told WUSA. “I don’t want anyone in America to have to lie about where they live.”

Source: Miami Herald

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