Pepe Billete Vs. Dan Le Batard – (Audio Responses From Both Of Them)


In a little bit of an odd turn of events, Pepe Billete and Dan Le Batard start having some beef with each other. It all stemmed from Dan Le Batard making a twitter joke about Cuban MLB slugger Yoenis Cespedes using PED’s in order to win the Homerun Derby on Monday. It was just a joke and it wasn’t even direct, it was slyly insinuated. He basically tweeted his name with the letters “PED” capitalized (ie. Performance Enhancing Drugs). It was a whatever kinda joke, it was Dan being Dan. Most people didn’t think much of it. Well, most people aren’t Pepe Billete.

So that started a twitter tirade from Pepe and his loyal followers, and then Dan took to yesterday’s show to “destroy the puppet”. And well, Tio Pepe responded via a quick Soundcloud podcast and within all the VPLP talk, I think he kinda’ schooled him on various points. Not ALL, but various. Subject matter aside (PEDs, Cuban racism, homophobic actions, etc) its all just pretty hilarious to see these two go at it. But you be the judge….listen below.


Dan Le Batard – Goes In On Pepe Billete Over Monday’s Twitter Beef


Pepe Billete – Responds To Dan, Stugotz and Mike Ryan