The305.Com Interview with MAYDAY – Also, Buy Their Album NOW!!!

Mayday Strange Music 2013

Mayday Strange Music 2013

Peachfuzz Fridays at The GarrettWe’ve been fans of Mayday for a long time. And fans of Wrek for even longer than that. And I say it every time, I’m just happy to see what these guys have been able to accomplish and what they’ve been able to conquer with their careers in music.

And today, they dropped their latest album, Believers, via Strange Music (which you can buy here). And that comes just weeks after Wrekonize dropped his solo album as well.

So we tried getting a quick update from the boys, even though they’re on tour right now, to give us a take on what they’re doing, what the new album is about and what’s the first thing they do when they’re back in Miami for the first time after a long tour. Read up below…Mayday!

And most importantly. Support that album in any of the following links below…

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First of all, lets get right into it. What is the difference between this and the last Mayday album?

Wrek: Bigger and better. From the concepts and production to the hooks and the alcohol consumption. Bigger and better.

How tough was it narrowing down songs? And any memorable behind the scenes stories about the making of Believers?

Wrek: It wasn’t that tough. Having had just done the Wrekonize solo album, our schedule didn’t allow for us to do 3 albums worth of material like we normally do. So the material was extremely focused this time around.

Bern: And a memorable story would be learning about Infamous’ addiction to Fountain Big Gulp Diet Coke. He needs his cup iced to the G.

Tell us about the track you did with fellow Miamian Anjuli Stars? How did that come about?

Wrek: She’s the homie. We love her sound. We work with her often. The universe told us it had to happen and we never ignore the universe.

In Miami, what was one of the best shows you guys remember having?

Bern: The first Bitch I’m Back homecoming show at the old Transit Lounge.

Gianni: The second homecoming show at Grand Cntral.

Nonms: The Stuck On An Island release party at the old Transit.

Off topic, but what about the Heat, where were you guys when they won this year?

Wrek: This is the third time they have won and every time they won a title, we have been on the road. At this point, we consider ourselves a good luck charm [for them]!

What would you say is the best thing you guys have picked up from your co-emcee in the group?

Bern: My love for BBQ sauce!

Wrek: When not to follow the rules or the script.

What’s been one of the BEST and most memorable fan experience thus far?

Wrek: Seeing the mass of ¡MAYDAY!  tattoos that have recently sprung up all over the country.

We still gotta ask how has it been under the guidance of Strange Music and Tech N9ne?

Wrek: Amazing. They are an incredible force in the art and the industry. It’s a constant learning experience.

I know you guys get to tour more and more nowadays, but I want to know what you and the guys first do when you come back to Miami after a long tour?

Wrek: We hit the beach for the vibe and hit Sports Grill for some wings!

A question for Wrekonize, you dropped your album last month. How was the feedback?

Wrek: It was awesome. Really pleased with the feedback and reception overall. You know how long I been at it so this album was a definite milestone in my life. 

I hear Bern is the foodie of the group. What are your top three favorite restaurants in Miami?

Bern: Top 3, I would say Sports Grill, Yardbird, and Lemoni.

What’s next for Mayday for 2013 and then 2014?

Wrek: Touring the world, Bern’s solo album, producing more smashes for major artists like the record we just did for Tech N9ne & Kendrick Lamar, and of course more Mayday music.



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