MIAMI MUSIC: Unkle Luc + Sydney In Theory

MIAMI MUSIC: Unkle Luc + Sydney In Theory

Imagine walking down a dark, cold corridor. There is a dim light at the end of the hallway where you see there is a table under it. An object you can’t quite figure out is placed on the surface and beside it, a flickering candle. You touch the walls to your sides and they’re smooth so you let your hands continue to glide through the wall while you walk. You’re mind is silent but there is a distant echoing in the back that you can’t even grasp … this new visual component for The Wild + Artbook reminds me of such a moment. It’s vigorous, distinct and interesting. You want to go on till you reach the dim light and see what lies on top of that table, right next to that flickering candle.

The auditory experience in The Wild is by Personal (now more known as Sydney in Theory) while the visual experience is by Unkle Luc. Involved in the creation are others like Jessica Sutherland, Marc Gustave (MarcMyWords), JMAC and Duff McDraw.

Sydney In Theory’s upcoming project, Sydney In Theory, has been in transition for over the past 5 or so years. So you could understand when he says his work has become him, as he has become his work. Similarly so, The Wild EP and Sydney In Theory are both conceptual pieces that include also the arts and works from Unkle Luc. Participating always in each others world of art and music, their successes are one.

When I asked Sydney In Theory about the statement on his blog where it says, “An album written for you”, he responded:

“Sydney in Theory was created selfishly at first, I realized after that this was an album written for all of us. I found that truth through love. I would like to shed light on mental illness with this piece. The sane insane.”

More than music, more than visuals, perhaps that object at the end of that dimensional corridor is the release of Sydney In Theory.

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