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DJ Jayceeoh won this year’s season of SMIRNOFF’s Master Of The Mix, which aired on VH1. The series was based in Miami and filmed locally. So there were a lot of local ties to the show. Well, last night, Jayceeoh made it back to Miami for the first time since winning the competition and spun at Room Service. We got a chance to do a quick interview with him to discuss the show, a little about Miami and what he has coming up.

Dro: Whats the biggest thing you learned during the Master of The Mix Experience?
Jayceeoh: I mean the biggest thing I learned going through each challenge is that you have to pay attention to detail and you have to be on top of your game at all times. Because at certain points throughout the season I got a little comfortable and lazy on a couple of my sets and I got critical feedback after each of those times. I always want to put the best foot forward at all times, so its just really that you should stay on your toes and be your best at all time no matter the situation.

What do you think you learned from the other contestants on the show?
I mean not exact technique stuff, but I kinda’ got to see how all those different DJ’s approach things and put together their sets. But I watched everyone’s set, how they put it together and how they delivered it – and took mental notes throughout the competition. Everywhere I go and every DJ I come across in my life, I analyze and compare.

Where you are you originally from?
I’m kinda’ from all over the place. I was born in L.A., went to high school in Pittsburgh, lived in New York City for a while and moved back to L.A. But I have major roots in various different places.

What do you like most about Miami?
The city of Miami…the weather and the women are great. But during my time with the show, I didn’t have time to participate in any of that because I was too focused on trying to win the title. But Miami’s great.

Other than last night at Room Service, have you had a chance to spin much in Miami?
Yeah at Wall, Purdy Lounge, Blackbird, Peachfuzz a bunch of times. I definitely got to experience the real Miami in the times that I’ve gotten spin here.

What do you think of Miami music scene overall?
Miami’s got a dope scene, from the booty/bass from back in the day, to the hip-hop stuff that’s popular now and even on the EDM side. Miami has a lot of flavor to it. I’ve always kept an ear to the streets as to what’s poplin’ in Miami and always try to incorporate the Miami sounds into some of my sets.

Whats next for you?
A lot of tour dates. Internationally and nationally. But my main focus is making the jump from being known as this party DJ to becoming more of an artist/producer DJ. So I’m really putting every second I have into production. I’m really trying to break through some doors as a producer.

Back to the show. I wanted to ask what was your favorite challenge?
Aside from the finale challenge because obviously that’s how I won the season, the Team Challenge was a a lot of fun where me and Chris Karns teamed up. We were both favorites to a lot of people throughout the season and that’s my boy since before the show started so it was great to not have to worry about him or be against him for that one week.

What about behind the scenes, any funny moments that didn’t get to make it to air?
On the first episode I did my routine and Kid Capri got so hyped that he jumped up and ran from behind the judges table to come up to me to give me a handshake/dap. But there’s like three steps with a two-foot gap behind the DJ platform that you really can’t see on TV. So he’s running up and he just falls right into the gap and busts his ass. The whole studio/club busted out laughing and I was just crying-laughing for like 5 minutes. Of course they edited that out and he was okay as well. But really I got so much love in that first episode.

Allright, well congratulations again. Any last words or is there anything new that we can currently hear?
Yeah, I just released a remix to a French Montana and Movado track (which you can listen to below). And other than that, just follow me on my social media accounts to stay up-to-date with what I’m doing…

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Disclaimer: This is a promotional post sponsored by SMIRNOFF and VH1’s Master Of The Mix.


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