The Shot by Ray Allen


Last night was the best game in Heat history thus far of the franchise with a do-or-die Game Six win against the Spurs in overtime. The final score was 100 – 103. When you look back years from now, this is the one you’re going to remember. Its going to be dubbed as the “LeBron Headband” game, and will also be dubbed as Ray Allen justifying the reason why he put on aΒ  jersey in the summer of 2012. Also, the Mike Miller shoe moment was another oddity.

But the entire game and the entire season was saved by Allen’s game winning three. Above, we have “the shot” from so many freakin’ angles. It will live on as one of the best moments in the career of Ray Allen, and of Heat history.

The game took a lot out of many people who cheered in excitement and just couldn’t sleep. Hell, I couldn’t even post this post last night after the game as I usually do it minutes after the final buzzer. The other people who got a rush of reality, and not a so comforting one, is all the people that left the arena within the last minute of the 4th quarter thinking the Heat had lost for good (and were not let back in once they stepped out the arena). ESPN and tons of sports talk show hosts are destroying Heat fans for that.

All in all, the game was incredible, draining and will be remembered for a long time whether or not the Heat win on Thursday night. Game Seven ya’ll.


Miami Heat

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