MIXTAPE: The Pyrvmids – K.Y.R.O. (Kill Young, Rest Old)



Now this is a sight to see, K.Y.R.O. (Kill Young, Rest Old) has released to the masses that are looking for an experience that evokes euphoria, but is leveled out by the lost of love and the emergence of “personal evolution”. The Pyrvmids has been a producer that some may have caught eye on earlier on, through his involvement in the Miami music scene. With artwork done by UnkleLuc, K.Y.R.O. is The Pyrvmid’s way of reliving memories while still having the opportunity to earn some new listeners. You’ll see Terry2Dope, Jumpman, Motive, Prez P, Kaleem (Phresh James) and a bunch more on this K.Y.R.O. project. You can stream the tape down below, as well as pick up on some additional insight for the concept of “Kill Young, Rest Old”.

One thing we can probably all agree on, is that love hurts. After coming out of a love inflicted depression, the 21 year producer decided to share his story the best way he knew how to, through music. “Kill Young, Rest Old” takes us on musical journey through life, love and heartbreak. Join The Pyrvmids, as he takes on a trip where he finds loves, loses loves and rediscovers it through music.

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