MIAMI MUSIC: RansomNote Feat. Denzel Curry – Fusion Dance



RansomNote Feat. Denzel Curry – Fusion Dance 

What happens when two Dragon Ball Z admirers come together for a single track? Well, we get the works of “Fusion Dance” of course. South Florida natives RansomNote (of The ArtKlub) and Denzel Curry take a bite out of the iconic DBZ series for a new record that’s equally as polished as the show itself. “Fusion Dance” pays homage in its own special way, considering that it’s the same exact name of the technique that was used in DBZ to fuse two individual forces together into one superior form. RansomNote decided to release this track as a quickstrike, and it’s dope to see him behind the boards on this one as well. RansomNote’s upcoming project SuperNintendope, will be a follow-up from his Return of the Boss Playa Vol 1 mixtape, with an expected release date of Fall 2013. Denzel Curry’s N64 album is still in the works, so be on the lookout for a date when it’s finally announced.


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