LeBron James named as the cover of NBA 2K14….first Heat player to do so since Shaq in 2006



The last Miami Heat player to cover NBA 2K was Shaquille O’ Neal when he was the cover-player for two consecutive years for NBA 2K6 (2005) and NBA 2K7 (2006).

NBA 2K – 11/10/1999 – Allen Iverson
NBA 2K1 – 11/1/2000 – Allen Iverson
NBA 2K2 – 10/24/2001 – Allen Iverson
NBA 2K3 – 10/7/2002 – Allen Iverson
ESPN NBA Basketball – 10/21/2003 – Allen Iverson
ESPN NBA 2K5 – 9/28/2004 – Ben Wallace
NBA 2K6 – 9/26/2005 – Shaquille O’Neal
NBA 2K7 – 9/25/2006 – Shaquille O’Neal
NBA 2K8 – 10/2/2007 – Chris Paul
NBA 2K9 – 10/7/2008 – Kevin Garnett
NBA 2K10 – 10/6/2009 – Kobe Bryant
NBA 2K11 – 10/5/2010 – Michael Jordan
NBA 2K12 – 10/4/2011 – Michael Jordan/Larry Bird/Magic Johnson
NBA 2K13 – 10/2/2012 – Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin
NBA 2K14 – 10/1/2013 – LeBron James


And now, for NBA 2K14, 2k Sports announces LeBron James as the cover of the latest edition featuring LBJ in a Heat uniform while performing his chalk ritual.The game is set to drop on October 1st.

LeBron made the following statement: “My friends, family and fans all know how much I love NBA 2K. I remember, as a kid, getting so excited for the game to come out and see who was on the cover, and it’s amazing to be a part of this great tradition. I love partnerships and opportunities that connect me directly with fans.”

Click below to see the announcement/commercial video…

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