MIAMI MUSIC: Flight School Preps – BlackMarketED (LP)



We named them Group Of The Year and we still hold value to that with the release of BlackMarketED. The guys bring something fresh to the table and just have a certain spark to their sound. The album features the crew, joined with the likes of J Nics, Phresh James, Lil Champ Fway & Steed.

The preps have been on a triumphant, successful, emotional, and disappointing journey since the release of their sophomore effort Expensive Dreams. Receiving the critical acclaim and admiration from the underground Miami music scene but falling short of the National recognition they truly deserve. These events concluded in the creation of BlackMarketED. A 17-track sequel to Expensive Dreams. Showcasing Sly, Reese, and Jay talents on a extremely personal center stage. The project depicts the highs and lows of the past year, and brings fans into their surreal present. BMED introduces the production team of OG Sean and Jay as the duo BlackMarket. Also reaching out to outside production from Mr. Manuvers, Mijo, GForce7, Atticu$ Ocelot and Steed. The growth from ED to BMED is truly remarkable. Fans are in for a moment in rap music. FSP aimed to make a classic free album with BMED. Fortunately for the trio and PrepNation they might’ve produced just that. A


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