Master Of The Mix Recap – Week 09 – “Remix” Episode at Circle House Studios



So things are trailing down and we just saw the semi-finals, or Episode 09 of SMIRNOFF”s Master Of The Mix last night.The title of the episode was “Remix”, which forced the remaining 4 cast members to compete against each other to create a remix of “Do My Thing” by recording artist Estelle. The other half of the challenge was to bring their remix to life and perform it in front of the MOTM audience.

So, every DJ got a chance to put their strengths to the forefront to create the remix and were given three hours of studio time at at Miami’s Circle House Recording Studios. They each got their own room and their own engineer to put things together and well, these are the results….

Chris Karns – Chris was the less confident of all the DJ’s, but managed to put together a very solid effort and took his remix to a new level via his turntablism skills.
Incrediboi – He did a decent remix, but incorporated his voice into the remix (which no other DJ did), but made up for what he lacked in production, and made up for it when he performed the remix live.
Loczi – This WAS Loczi’s challenge. He got a chance to put his producer skills to use once again and made THE best “produced” remix in our opinion. Maybe not the best, but commercially, it would probably be received the best.
Jayceeoh – He won the challenge with his remix and “beat-wise”, it was a pretty great sounding beat. And the judges agreed and crowned him the winner of this particular challenge.

So it was a tough one, and this was definitely the hardest decision that the Master Of The Mix judges had to make, but ultimately they had to let go of Loczi. While many agreed that he probably made the best remix, the second half of the challenge mentioned to put effort into performing and bringing your remix to life in front of an audience. Loczi basically pressed play and let the remix speak for itself. That was a fatal mistake that cost him and had him sent home.

And then there were three. The finals of Master Of The Mix air next Monday at 12 Midnight and it will surely be thrilling. Stay tuned to for more details or log on to the MOTM website for up-to-date videos and photos.

ALSO: Before Loczi went home for good, he did a quick exit-interview for the cameras, which you can see below…

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post sponsored by SMIRNOFF and Master Of The Mix, which again airs Monday Nights at 12 Midnight on VH1.


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