Master Of The Mix Recap – Week 08 – “Bend The Ten’” Episode


masterofthemix-casestudy-mainAllright, so Week 08 of SMIRNOFF”s Master Of The Mix aired last night and we are still bringing you the weekly recaps till the show’s finale and a winner is crowned. Unfortunately, our guy DJ Fly Guy was sent home by the judges. But there’s still of action left to cover and lots of Miami flavor to report from the show, which airs every Monday night at 12 Midnight.

Now, Week 08 brought in the “Bend The Ten’” themed episode where the DJ’s were each given the same 10 ten songs (of varying genres, BPMs and styles) and were told to somehow make them blend together and to somehow make it all sound fluid. Songs included Method Man, Cham, Muddy Waters, a country songs, a pop song and more.

Five cast members were left. Chris Karns, Dynamix, Incrediboi, Loczi, and Jayceeoh. The challenge was the most difficult thus far in the season, and each contestant struggled, but made the most of the challenge.

Chris Karns – While out of his element, he still proved his strength in turntablism to save his set.
Dynamix – While, he did a decent set, his transitions were a little off, and overall struggled to get a fluid set.
Incrediboi – In our opinion has the best set with tons of creativity, but his set ended 13-14 seconds early, which upset the judges.
Loczi – Had an advantage over his opponents and was able to put together a great set with tons of production/remix elements.
Jayceeoh – Had a pretty slow building set, but totally shut it down when he started singing along with the Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy”

So like I mentioned, Master Of The Mix put on the hardest challenge of the season and every DJ put the heart and soul into dealing with it. Butd when it came down to eliminating a contestant, the judges had to agree to send DJ Dynamix home for good. And while it was bittersweet for him, he left in positive spirits.

Next week, the cast takes on a new challenge entitled “Remix”. Stay tuned to for more details or log on to the MOTM website for up-to-date videos and photos.

ALSO: Before Dynamix signed off for good, he did a quick exit-interview for the cameras, which you can see below…

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post sponsored by SMIRNOFF and Master Of The Mix, which again airs Monday Nights at 12 Midnight on VH1.


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