Marlins start closing down the upperdeck of Marlins Park due to lack of ticket sales

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins

Damn, times are hard over at Marlins Park. Such a beautiful stadium with such a bad stigma surrounding the Marlins’ business practices.

The Marlins have announced that they’ve decided to close out the upperdeck for weekday games due to the lack of ticket sales. For numerous games this season, seeing rows upon rows and sections of blue seats has become the norm. Now, with the closed upperdeck, the 37,442 capacity of Marlins Park will now be downsized to around 27,000. Marlins figures say that there is an average of about 18,864 fans per game.

Fans who have purchased tickets in the upperdeck, will be upgraded to the lowerdeck at no additional cost.

With the new stadium layout, a smaller workforce is needed so some workers will have a reduction in hours, but apparently, nobody will be fired or laid off outright.

Miami Marlins

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