Recap of the SMIRNOFF Master Of The Mix “Ode To Miami” Episode & A Quick Interview with DJ Fly Guy



As you may know, SMIRNOFF”s Master Of The Mix has been airing on VH1 every Tuesday at 12:00 AM. And being that the show was filmed in Miami, it makes it that much more interesting to watch.

Well, SMIRNOFF and the Master Of The Mix crew reached out to me and to partner with them and to cover the entire series through the very end and follow around the Miami-based contestant that is still in the running: DJ Fly Guy, who we’ve known for many years.

Last night (or morning, depending how you look at it), it was Episode 05, the official “Ode To Miami” themed episode that put all the DJ’s to the challenge of creating Miami styled sets. DJ Irie was a guest judge last night and all the contestants made pretty decent Miami based mixes, but DJ Dimepiece was unfortunately sent home. However, that meant that Fly Guy made the cut to move to the next round and still keep the hometown Miami DJ in the running to win the $250,000 grand prize. And a big shout out to Miami natives DJ Obscene and DJ I-Dee, who both extremely talented and were both in the original running, but unfortunately were let go back in Episode #01.

So for the next few weeks we’re going to be following around DJ Fly Guy on his road through the challenges and hopefully he makes it to the very end. We’ll be here to cheer him on. We caught up with Fly Guy this morning to give you a little introduction about his take on the show and representing Miami.


305: Introduce yourself.

Well basically I was born in Guyana, South America…then moved to Brooklyn…and then moved to Miami. Being Caribbean, a native New Yorker and spending so many years [living] in Miami – it helps me as a DJ to have an appreciation for a variety of sounds. So audiences can’t really predict what I’m going to play next and  they get a full experience musically when they come hear me play.

305: How long have you been DJ’ing?

Ive been DJ’ing for four years now, since 2009. It started from taking a hiatus from being an artist. I’ve been an emcee since I was 17. But it all pretty much started from the way music was going going, I was becoming uninspired to continue to create music. I was going out a lot and partying a lot and I have two older brothers that are DJ’s. So I was going to these spots [in Miami] thinking that if my brothers were here spinning, I’d probably have a lot more fun; but they live in New York. So I decided to really just try it out myself. And its another aspect of hip-hop culture, which I consider myself a part of, so I got into DJ’ing and things just kind of just took off for me. And ever since, I’ve been blessed to have a lot of gigs and have been able to play at different venues, and I get to continue to grow every single day.

305: The best thing you learned since you started DJ’ing?

The best thing I probably learned is that “a hit record is a hit record” and it doesn’t matter when it came out or the era or the genre – if its a hit, then that’s what it is. Certain records are just timeless. So I don’t have to get stuck in a position where I have to play the current songs that radio is playing.

305: What separates Miami from every other place in the world that you’ve been?

Everybody comes here to party. From all over the county and all over the world, pretty much next to Vegas, Miami is probably the #1 party city in America. So you have this mentality that the city never sleeps and its a constant party on South Beach where its turned up 24 hours a day. So when you get these people from all over, they’re looking for an experience that they can’t get in their own cities. It puts a lot of pressure on yourself to be able to provide these people with that one of a kind experience, but at the same time, the reward of doing it is that much better when you do. And overall with Miami, just because we have our clubs open till 5AM in the morning (compared to other cities that shut down at 2am or 3am), we just go that much harder as a city.

305: So how’s it been to be on Master Of The Mix?

Its incredible. Its a lot of things that play into everything. Its the chance at winning $250,000. That’s a whole lot of pressure on you. Its meeting and engaging with DJs that all have different styles. Its managing all these different egos while having cameras in your face…A LOT. And with that, trying to make sure you represent yourself and your brand correctly and not make yourself look like a fool. Its a lot of things that go into it besides doing the challenges and just being on TV; its a tremendous opportunity for each one of us. Your career is basically “before this” and “after this” – that’s how big of an opportunity this is. So we all [as cast members] have to maximize the exposure in this very small window that we have, because this could potentially set off my career for the next 10 or 15 years if I do it properly.

305: What makes you different from everyone else that’s competing against you [on MOTM]?

I think having experience as an emcee and a performer gives me a little bit of an advantage because everyone feeds off of energy inside a club. And what I do is I take the performance aspect of being an artist and I apply that while being on the turntables. Its nothing new under the sun, we all have the same music for the most part and the same technology – so its all about the individual things that separate us from everyone else. So its definitely the performer aspect that separates me.

305: And how do you feel about such a global brand like SMIRNOFF backing and supporting the promotion of the DJ culture?

SMIRNOFF, I’m definitely appreciative to them. And you know, the DJ has almost become the new rock-star. There’s a lot of stuff on television that might not be positive for people to watch. With SMIRNOFF taking the DJ culture and presenting it in an intelligent way it really shows that anybody can be a professional DJ if you are willing to put the work in and grind it out. So I think SMIRNOFF kind of spearheading this whole thing and leading the way is not only tremendous for DJ’s, but also for music, for television and for reality show programming in general.

305: Any last words?

I always have to show love to the city of Miami because this is where I started DJ’ing. And the people here have always continued to support me. They come to my events and my parties and I couldn’t do it without their support so I definitely appreciate the 305 for definitely holding me down. Also, the venue where my career started: Love Hate DJ Bar, that’s where I started spinning. DJ Selfborn gave me a platform and he helped to teach and allowed me to go through my trials and errors [to experiment on]. And ultimately, had I not had the opportunity to be at Love Hate, I wouldn’t have gotten to this opportunity at Master Of The Mix. So that’s where it all started for me. But I hope everyone can continue to follow my progression and everything I do as I feel that I’m continuing to get better everyday as a DJ. I’m just trying to represent the culture to the fullest.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post sponsored by SMIRNOFF and Master Of The Mix, which again airs Tuesdays 12:00AM Midnight on VH1.


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