South Street in the Design District Closing Its Doors For Good?


south-street-miamiPhoto taken outside of South Street on April 4, 2013

After only a few short months, it seems that South Street is officially closed. We’re not sure if its for good or a temporary restructuring of sorts, but the restaurant posted a very basic and dry message on Facebook that said, “South Street is closed…STAY TUNED FOR WHATS NEXT…”

South Street had so much promise as being a decent restaurant with unique Philly themed dishes, however, the high-end Soul food route may have been risky and not favorable to the masses. We took the above photo about two weeks ago and things looked promising by the looks of things.

However, shortly after the above photo was taken, we received a couple anonymous tips within the last week from people saying that the restaurant was in trouble, but we didn’t pay attention in hopes that they were wrong.

One tip was from someone “in the know” regarding their Saturday night dinner party, which seemed to fall apart in recent weeks. The anonymous email we got pointed us to the following statement that said:

“As you consider plans for your Saturday night entertainment, please note that Saturday Night Vibe has been canceled for reasons outside of our control. Miami Social has always worked to provide you with new experiences and quality entertainment. We also work with integrity, honor and good will. Unfortunately, these qualities and or characteristics did not exist in the relationship with SouthStreet.” – Miami Social

Other claims state that some employees and promoters haven’t been paid and etc., which unfortunately for situations like these, happen often.

So no word on what’s going on or what exactly will happen with South Street or Amaris Jones, but we hope we get some clarity to the future of South Street and closure to what’s owed to the loyal employees.


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