Dwyane Wade: I Need Three Rings



Dwyane voices a couple of opinions and addresses a couple of criticsms in a recent interview with the AP.

“I feel like I need three rings. After that, I’m playing with church’s money,” Wade told the AP. “I’ve always said that if I can end my career with at least three rings … I’ve already had a special career, but it would put me in that special group that only a few can say that they’re in. It would mean a lot. It would mean a lot. It would mean a lot.

Guys get older. That’s obvious. Yes, I’ve gotten older. Yes, my game has changed. But let’s talk production. I’m a productive player. My numbers show it. I buy into the efficiency numbers — more than I should and it drives me crazy that I buy into it. I look around the league and see guys shooting 41 percent and they’re getting patted on the back. I’m shooting 52 percent and I’m on the decline?

I think the thing thatโ€™s going to get us over that hump is really understanding the opportunity that we have and not letting it slip, because this kind of team, this kind of moment, they donโ€™t come around often. Understanding the importance of this is what weโ€™ll probably have to pull from. This is historic, what weโ€™re embarking on. Thatโ€™s got to mean something to us as a team. So letโ€™s go.โ€

Dwayne Wade, tells the Associated Press

Via Riptide

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