PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Pregnant – (Before & After)

Photos of Kim Kardashian Pregnant Before & After3Kim-Kardashian-Bikini-Miami-675x900

Photos of Kim Kardashian Pregnant – (Before & After)

If you’ve followed since we first started, then you should know we are big Kim K fans – borderline obsession even. We even got to record a roundtable interview with her a couple years back. Well, she’s pregnant – that you know. And the above photo surfaced of her in her pregnancy, which as we know is a beautiful thing. But besides the doubling of the size of her tiddays, she is not looking so favorable. Just thought we’d use the opportunity give you a few photos of Kim in all her glory before the Yeezy era (lol). Tons of more photos below of nothing but swimsuit goodness…