Chris Bosh’s house was robbed last night during his B-Day Party – $479,000 In Stolen Jewelry/Cash but Championship Ring is safe



Early this morning in the early hours, Chris Bosh and wife returned to their Miami Beach home to find out that they had been robbed of $459,000 worth of watches, rings, purses and $20,000 in cash. Originally, it was $350,000 of valued goods that were taken, but increased with updated police reports.

— 12 watches (worth $300k)
— 2 rings ($4,000)
— several purses ($155,000)
— $20,000 in cash

Miami Beach PD got the call around 12:30am, and say that the burglary occurred while his two kids were asleep and being cared for by two housekeepers. The burglary apparently occurred while the couple celebrated Chris’ 29th birthday at Briza on the Bay.

Thieves apparently handpicked the items they stole, and decided to leave Chris’ 2012 championship ring behind and did not take it. Police state that this is leaning towards being an “inside job” and someone that knew that ins and outs of the house.

Source: NBC Miami

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