Records of shooting during Memorial Day Weekend 2011 to remain secret

Records of shooting during Memorial Day weekend to remain secret

It has been ruled that Miami Beach police must release an autopsy report, 911 and radio dispatch calls and other recordings related to the South Beach police shooting that occurred during the 2011 Memorial Day weekend. If you recall, this shooting killed one person and wounded three bystanders.

Even though this is good news to move forward with prosecution and for those killed and wounded during the incident, the majority of the evidence will remain private. Included in that evidence is the lead detective’s draft report going into detail of how 12 police officers shot more than 100 rounds on Collins Avenue. One of the questions being raised is if the police officers were justified in firing that many rounds. It may take the case another year to reach a final decision, but prosecutors will not be able to define if there can be charges filed without the report of the lead detective.

The shooting incident occurred on May 30th, during Miami Beach Urban Week. Raymond Herisse was killed after being told by Miami Beach police to pull over and but he ignored their orders. Herisse sped away, hitting an officer and almost hitting a few others, and ultimately slamming into cars and barricades. A video was posted on Youtube from the fifth-floor of an apartment close to the location of the incident. You can see the car driving down Collins and hear multiple gunshots and yelling by bystanders and the police officers.

Source: Miami Herald


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