April Fools, the morning after



So, we really didn’t expect for our In-N-Out April Fools post to go viral like it did. But soon as we posted it, it shut down the internet and had most of Miami believing In-N-Out was indeed coming to the 305. Well, maybe not most, but A LOT of people were fooled. 11,000 Facebook shares and more than 500 retweets. Twitter searches we did just minutes ago still kept showing people (who have no idea what The305.com is) playing into the April Fools and casually waiting for that infamous stream of 5 In-N-Out Burger locations that we totally fabricated.

So we most definitely went viral. Thanks to those who didn’t ruin the joke and kept baiting their friends with the link. So many people tweeting and emailing us telling us to go fuck ourselves. And so many people saying that they were able to avoid getting punked all day until our April Fools got them.

And shouts to Erin Andrews and a good amount of the ABC News and ESPN sports world that’s on Twitter for mentioning/retweeting and also falling victim. When she did that, the server almost crashed, but since learning our lesson a few months ago when our server did actually crash, we upgraded and our server didn’t even flinch.


And shouts to this guy for getting inspired and creating a fake YELP location of an In-N-Out at the address of the Downtown Miami Checker’s on Biscayne.



Sorry for those who got offended and/or sick to stomach when they found out they had been fooled. Step ya game up next year, lol.



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