If you have been attending local Miami events, you may have heard of DJ OHSO before. Not only did she have a set at the latest Miami Dunkxchange @ Marlins Park, but she has been a firm supporter of the #NewMiami movement that has been brewing in South Florida. Unfortunately, DJ OHSO is in a terrible predicament, as she doesn’t have the funds to renew her visa (which would force her to relocate back to Toronto). A project titled #KEEPMYOHSO was created, that has a central goal of keeping DJ OHSO right here in America. Take the time to read out her story below, and make a donation to a female that has contributed a whole lot to the Miami music scene already. Every cent counts, so please take the time to spread this story out before it’s too late.

I decided to pursue a career in DJn and almost everyone I had told thought I was crazy. “You’re a girl” they said, “You’re too old” they said, “It’s too hard to make a career out of it” they said. I think that if I had listened to everyone 2 years ago, i’d still be working in a call centre full-time and not enjoying life for what it’s meant for. Don’t get me wrong, 9-5′s are not a bad thing at all, they’re just not meant for everyone.

Once you decide to follow a dream, you can’t really see what you’re about to deal with or go through. You truly are stepping out on faith. I knew that I was a strong individual, but i’ve come to realize HOW strong I am in the last 2 years of my life. Despite the people telling me I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it, I went out, bought some turntables and practiced at my house and with some friends. A couple of months later, I decided “I am ready to step out into the DJ world”. Some people felt otherwise, and by people I mean other DJ’s and promoters that told me “you need to pay your dues. It’s going to take at least 3 years for you to start getting paid gigs”. All I could think at that point was, “But they haven’t even heard me play yet, why would they just shoot down my dreams like that?”. Nevertheless, I clearly didn’t let that hinder me at all. I kept networking and got a few opportunities from people willing to give a young lady a chance. I was a little frustrated and discouraged at my progress in Toronto and decided that if I was a new DJ and had to “pay my dues”, I may as well go somewhere where there would be more opportunities, so I moved to Miami.

This part of my journey has been crazy. Having to overcome the obstacles of trying to gain respect as a new DJ, as a female, being taken advantage of, peoples cheques bouncing, man the list of shit I’ve dealt with is crazy. BUT the good experiences completely outweigh the bad, I’ve met some amazing, supportive people which I am truly grateful for.

So this is where we are today. I needed to raise funds to renew my visa, and couldn’t think of how I could do it. I had thought about selling merchandise, throwing an event, but the time was winding down way too quick to get those ideas together. Then it dawned on me, I’m a DJ, I could post a mix online that could be streamed, in hopes of collecting some donations.

The project is called #KEEPMYOHSO. The goal is to KEEP OHSO IN AMERICA. This compilation of songs represents MY journey towards success, the ups, the downs, and overcoming some of the obstacles in my life. It showcases songs that have inspired me, and even showcases some artists that i’ve met here in Miami that i’ve grown with and love.

I appreciate you taking the time to read about me and listen to my story and I am grateful for ALL the contributions made towards this project. And to anyone that has a dream, follow it and protect it!


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