Heat Beat Spurs with last minute Three-Pointer by Chris Bosh

Bosh Face

Bosh Face

Another great game of a memorable season. Even though ‘Bron, Wade and Rio were out with injuries, the team hustled all game and made it through with a last minute victory against the Spurs. The leads kept rollercoastin’ and switching between the Heat and the Spurs throughout the game, but Bosh’s last minute jumper (set up by Ray) sealed the deal won the game for a lighter version of the Heat squad. Norris Cole also showed a lot of determination and a lot of heart playing pretty much the entire game – he also got in on the video-bomb fun by interrupting Chris’ post-game interview with Jax.

The final score: 88-86 (Heat) and their record is now 58-15, three ahead of the Spurs for the best record in the NBA. Next up, Knicks on Tuesday in what will surely be an intense game. 8PM on TNT.

Miami Heat

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