At Ultra, SpaceGhostPurrp Speaks On “Drugs” And Such

SpaceGhostPurrp sat down for a little interview with the Miami New Times during the 2013 Ultra Music Festival. Purrp speaks on the timeline of hip-hop, from the 90’s “gangsta” rap to the now popular drug-influenced “pill popping” creations. Lil Wayne’s sizzurp addiction is brought into the discussion, and it’s sad to say that his seizures still won’t stop people from trying to get ahold of some lean. Purrp holds the “Dirty Drank” as a Southern tradition, and warns those from other regions about the potential harms of overdosing on codeine. Molly isn’t the next lady up, so it’s safe to say that she is someone that Purrp isn’t too fond of. Ultra Weekend 2 had 167 arrests, but that didn’t stop the majority of the festival-goer’s from having the time of their life.