Metro Zu makes Noisey’s “Rappers to Watch in 2013″ List



Noisey made a lil’ list to show you who they think are the new class of rappers coming up that you should watch out for. And one local group included is Miami’s Metro Zu. Read the blurb below…

Miami’s Metro Zu aren’t so much a rap group as they are a phenomenon laying in wait, infecting culture starting with the furthest reaches of the Internet. The weirdo crew consists of producer Poshstronaut, visual artist Freebase, rapper Ruben Slikk and his singing brother Lofty305, but they each do a little of everything. Metro Zu is alien pimp rap on ecstasy; art therapy on angel dust; an X-rated Nickelodeon cartoon from the future. They do things like paint Lamborghinis at art shows and say things like “Jizz Boss.” In originality and sheer output they’re killing the game; there is literally NEVER a day when a member doesn’t release a new track or tape. Their biggest hit is the absurd, bombastic “Sell Ma Hoe,” but I urge you to explore their endless goldmine of music. There’s something there for everyone. —FC

Source: Noisey

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