It was well over a month ago (sure didn’t seem that long) when we first caught glimpse of the OTW collective out of Miami. Flight Williams and Rell serve as the two main forces of the group, both of which are young in age, but not in heart. It was the Back Again visual that cemented their presence in our scene, although many would have assumed rhyming over Outkast would be too bold of a move to make this early on. Those statements reek of premature thinking for the simple fact that these youngsters did a fantastic job with their take on Aquemini. When you have a guy like FXRBES directing your videos, the possibilities are truly endless.

The magic didn’t stop there, in fact the charm of OTW was heightened with the Unkleluc-directed Raw visual. It didn’t take long to notice that this group was promising, and offered elements we couldn’t find in these newer sets of hip-hop acts. To our luck, we are able to deliver the exclusive release of the “Raw” tape right here on the site. The mixtape is 15 songs deep, and it features a decent amount of Flaco Royale production. “Bang Bang” was a nice standout track, a perfect way to introduce the Dub Gang (OTW) to your friend’s and family. Hip-hop certainly isn’t dead (who was it that claimed that?! oh…this…guy), and this is one tape that provides all the support needed for such a statement. Hit the download link below and check out this talented group at once!


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