Update: Miami Dolphins Make Power Moves This Off-Season

Miami Dolphins


This might be the year, the turning point for a franchise that has left many of its fans in a state of confusion in the past decade. I digress. Nonetheless, the Miami Dolphins are making key power moves this off-season. In the recent weeks, the Dolphins have confirmed negotiated deals with players that can feel key roles on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Below are a list of players the Dolphins have signed on offense and defense and a list of players the Dolphins did not re-sign.

Mike Wallace (Former WR for the Pittsburgh Steelers)
Brandon Gibson (Former WR for the St. Louis Rams)
Dustin Keller (Former TE for the Jets)
Brian Hartline (Staying)
Matt Moore (Staying)

Philip Wheeler (Former OLB for the Raiders)
Dannell Ellerbe (Former ILB for the Ravens)
Chris Clemons (Staying)

Reggie Bush (Running Back)
Jake Long (O Lineman)
Sean Smith (Safety)
Anthony Fasano (Tight End)
Kevin Burnett (Linebacker)
Karlos Dansby (Linebacker)

Many speculated the Dolphins would not reach a negotiable contract to re sign offensive lineman Jake Long. Long, 27, signed with the St. Louis Rams on Sunday for a four-year deal of roughly $34 million – with $20 million guaranteed. The Dolphins took another hit last weekend as the Lions sealed a negotiable deal with former Dolphins back Reggie Bush. The Dolphins released Kevin Burnett and Karlos Dansby on the same day, literally hours apart, but filled the gaps necessary with linebackers Dannell Ellerbe (former ILB for the Ravens) and Philip Wheeler (former OLB for the Raiders). The Dolphins have decided to keep Matt Moore (QB), Chris Clemons (Safety) and Brian Hartline (WR).

The Dolphins are expected to continue strengthening the teams chances of making it to the play-offs come draft day.  The Miami Dolphins have five picks in the first three rounds of the draft. Below is a  list of draft picks for the Miami Dolphins in the 2013 Draft.

1st Round (Assigned – #12 Overall)
2nd Round (Assigned – #42 Overall)
2nd Round (Colts – Subject to change)
3rd Round (Assigned – #77 Overall)
3rd Round (Chicago – #82 Overall)
4th Round (Assigned)
5th Round (Assigned)
7th Round (Assigned)
7th Round (Dallas – Ryan Cook)

Source: Sun-Sentinel

Miami Dolphins

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