Vintage Stereon’s “1986” Collection: Black Cocaine

Vintage Stereon’s “1986″ Collection: Black Cocaine

Here is the Black Cocaine commercial (directed by Jahrue), featuring clothing brand Vintage Stereon and their latest campaign entitled, “1986”. The collection pays homage to the culture that helped create identity in the residents of the city of Miami. Vintage Stereon envisioned the “1986” collection as a tributary to pioneers that were prominent in the 80’s such as: Mike Tyson, Akira, and the Cocaine era that built Miami. The song selection for Black Cocaine is astonishing, as it creates a more cinematic feel to the commercial itself. It’s such a blessing to see clothing brands taking the extra step when it comes to the setup of new releases.The creativity and execution of the “1986” collection is exactly why Vintage Stereon is on the radar for most.

For those who don’t know, Vintage Stereon is a Miami based street wear brand that was created by Brandon Morris, Kevin Oboh, Jonathan Desrosiers, Jacinth Lattiboudeaire, Hamilton Troy Chattoo, and JuLien Flores back in 2006. The folks over at Vintage Stereon went into great detail in explaining the origins of their name. Citing from their official site, “The reason why we decided to use the word vintage in our name is because the word ” Vintage ” is classic and everlasting. The word Stereon refers to our childhood at a time when we had no direction but all the inspiration in the world. Our style is unique and unpredictable and you can even say our clothing brand is like a time table.”

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