MUSIC: LMS- No Jeggings (Lil Wayne Diss)


Its been a while since we’ve heard from LMS, but he surfaces with this new track called “No Jeggings”, which is an obvious jab at Lil Wayne, who’s been on the spotlight for calling out the Miami Heat. But the track itself is more than a jab. Its a one-two-three-four-five punch knockout of Lil Wayne. Its quite possibly the most hard hitting Lil Wayne diss track (or general diss track) we’ve ever heard. Every line seems to just hit perfectly. And even though Lil Wayne technically apologized to the city of Miami last night, this changes nothing from LMS’ side. We got a quick quote from LMS early this morning so you can see his reasoning for releasing the track.

Wayne is a person in a position of public influence. He could’ve conducted himself in a much better manner, and handled whatever problems he had with The Miami Heat team in a private and more professional fashion. Instead, he took to social media to air out his issues, publicly saying, and I quote, “Fuck the Miami Heat”. You can try to politicize all you want but to the heart and minds of every resident of South Florida, you are saying “Fuck MIAMI”. That’s how it’s understood, and that’s how it’s felt.

LMS – No Jeggings

Producer: Abstract | Via Public Wizard, Inc


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