Mark Cuban On Howard Stern says: He Partied at LIV During 2011 Championships To Rub It In DJ’s Face and What Happened When He Tried To Pay For His Tab At LIV


Mark Cuban Howard Stern

We all remember that fateful night when the Dallas Mavs beat the Miami Heat during the 2011 NBA Finals, but more so, we remember the Mavs taking to LIV to make a mockery of the trophy and rubbing it in Miami’s face that they just beat the hometown team. Well on an interview with Howard Stern this morning (which will replay all day today on Sirius and for the rest of the week), he talks a little about his 2011 Championship celebration in Miami.

– Being at LIV the night before and getting dissed by the DJ
– Spending $90,000 on one bottle of champagne ‘cuz he can (and knowing the difference between the taste of a regular bottle of champagne)
– And funny story about when it came time to pay for the bill, his Black AmEx got declined

Listen below…

Mark Cuban – On Howard Stern Discussing Liv

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