And now, Pepe Billete’s Open Letter To Lil Wayne – (Excerpts)


Miami New Times threatened to not publish Pepe Billete’s flaming of Lil Wayne because Luke already did his. But, they gave in and let Pepe’s open letter to Weezy see the light of day. The305’s favorite cuban puppet with a mustache strikes again – and this is fresh off his Harlem Shake rendition that was recorded and released this past Sunday. Read some of P-Money’s thrashing excerpts below…

Bandz a make ya dance.

You have no dignity or respect for anything, including the struggle of your own people. You orchestrated the release of a song disrespecting the memory of a martyr of the civil rights movement during Black History Month, just so you can get a little more media attention. And if that wasn’t enough, the person whose memory you chose to disgrace with your vile bullshit was that of a 14 year old child who was tortured and murdered. Acere, lo tuyo no tiene nombre. The levels of your depravity are so low that if Ben and Jerry’s were to create an ice cream flavor after you it would be called “vomito con pinga.”

Bandz a make ya dance.

Eres un mierda, you are the absolute furthest thing from un macho I’ve ever seen. Eres peor que el focking Drake, compadre. Por lo menos el Drake is just soft, but you’re not only soft, papa, you’re straight pussy. You’re a 30 year old father dressing like a 15 year old Hot Topic employee just so you can stay relevant to the white people that call you a clown. You’re so fucking clueless, if you fell into into a barrel full of tetas you’d come up sucking two dicks.

Bandz a make ya dance.

Sure, you can say you’ll come back to Miami and no one will care about your statements, but that shit is only going to fly on South Beach, pipo. I dare you to bring that shit over the bridge. Actually, I think you already know that, because you decided to humiliate the most gentle and mild-mannered member of the team, El Bosh. That’s because you know if you would have said some fuck shit like that about el primo mio Udonis, you would have had all of Overtown and a Cuban puppet up your ass. Let’s get something straight, “Little” man: You may have all the money in the world, but all that shit is ever going to buy you is the respect of broke bitches and whores like you. All that billete will never earn you the respect of un pingu, and it just so happens that Miami is a city known for its pingus. So your best bet is to get the fuck out of here before shit gets too hot for you.

…I’m talking to you, Miami! It’s up to you to show Lil’ Wayne and YMCMB that talking shit about Miami has repercussions. Boycott their music, avoid clubs that play Weasel Wayne’s songs, if he comes to your place of business, tell him VPLP no matter how much money he tempts you with. Show him what Miami Pride is really focking about, cojones! Show him that in the 305, we may pop “bandz” but we don’t fucking dance for no one!


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