Deadmau5 trashes Ultra again in random VIBE Cover Story


Deadmau5 is a staple in the world of EDM and is unofficially a staple in the minds of those who attend and who are interested in all things Ultra. He’s been pretty public and pretty combative towards the likes of Ultra and its organizers. Even up until last year, he was destroying them. Well, when it looked like the beef was over, since Deadmau5 agreed to play Ultra this year – he goes in and rips ’em a new one in a new cover story with Vibe Magazine (why he’s on the cover of Vibe is a whole different conversation).

So here’s some clips of his interview where he [jokingly] stereotypes VIBE, trashes ULTRA and Lollapalooza and hates on Kanye…

VIBE: This is the first time you’re talking to VIBE…
deadmau5: So, let’s talk about bitches, hoes, fucking bling and Crystal.

Any chance you’ll get over hating the term “EDM”?
Yeah, I just renamed it. I called it “Event Driven Marketing.”

Will your new live set be ready for Ultra?
Don’t fucking know. Ultra’s weird. I mean every time I say something about fucking Ultra, that fucking dude calls us up, fucking bitches us out—“Argh, I’m going to sue you.” Whatever man. I’m tired of talking about Ultra, even if I had something good to say—Ultra is the same thing every fucking year. And so is Lollapalooza. I haven’t really noticed a change, and if they have changed then maybe I have my head too far up my own ass. When is it going to be played out?

You still didn’t answer, do you have advice for the young budding DJ?
I have no advice for the fucking kid that wants to play everyone else’s music and be famous for it.

If you were to produce a new stage show with deadmau5 and a rapper right now, who would it be?
Anyone other than fucking Kanye. I fucking hate him. He’s just trying too hard. But the problem is he’s succeeding at it. It’s like, “Oh, I’m so hate-able.” And everyone is like, “Yeah, I hate him.” Ah fuck, he wins!



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