THE305.COM Interview with the Guys Behind Peachfuzz Fridays at The Garrett


Peachfuzz Fridays at The GarrettPeachfuzz has become a Friday night mainstay in Miami. One of the best weekly parties to hit the three oh five in recent memory. Its just a place to have fun and have a good time. The backdrop is that of The Garrett, which is located in the upstairs section of Grand Central in Downtown Miami.

The crew consists of Raul, Pres and DZA – all pictured above in that order. They’re the guys behind Peachfuzz, which just celebrated its One-Year Anniversary this past Thanksgiving. And if you checked our 2012 Best Of list, you might have noticed that we awarded them with the Best Flyer Design nod.

We caught up with them to get a little background info on what the party is about and where they’re headed with everything. Read the full interview below…


Introduce Yourselves:

Raul: Raul Sanchez, you can call me the promoter slash marketing guy. We all overlap each other’s roles though.

DZA: My name is DZA, I’m the “deejay” of the party slash promoter.

Pres: Pres Rodriguez, I’m mostly the creative director in all this. I’m responsible for all the promotional and marketing materials; the aesthetics and branding of the party.


Describe Peachfuzz for those who haven’t been to it yet…what is Peachfuzz?

Pres: It originally started out as a dance party for girls. A place where girls can come to dance, let loose and not worry about anything other than enjoying good music and having a good time.

Raul: One of the things we’ve noticed about the bigger clubs is that people don’t dance. People just stand around. So that’s not the environment that we wanted to create. We wanted people to come [to Peachfuzz] to dance and have fun. All while not spending an arm and leg to do so.

DZA: We do sell bottles, but its not a “bottle service” type of party. You come to Peachfuzz to dance and have fun. I would just describe it as a fun R&B and hip-hop oriented party. We can take it any direction we want to as long as it stays within those guidelines. Like R&B can extend to 80’s disco or 80’s/90’s house – its just a place where people can come hang out and dance.


What do you think have been some of the major factors in the success of Peachfuzz?

Raul: We’ve been able to I think make Peachfuzz a dope party. Not just a dope Miami party. It’s just a dope party in general.

Pres: I always wanted Peachfuzz to be a destination type party. Kind of like how LIV On Sundays is for the hip-hop crowd, we just want to make sure Peachfuzz is a spot people want to check out when they’re in town. Just to have a good brand name and reputation.

DZA: In Miami, it seems that a lot of parties start off with a bang in their first couple of weeks and then just…flatline or plateau. We think that its better to start off slow and then keep building. Also, I think what has worked is that we’ve tried involving as few people as we could so that we could stay true to our goals. And when it comes to the music, you can only stay true to that by working with a small group of deejays that understand what the party is about. The best of the best. In one night, it’s very rare to see more than two DJs. Finally, just having a good diverse crowd has been great too. Every Friday you see some many scenes and so many different types of people.

Pres: It’s only us three [that run the party]. We’re confident in what we do and we only deal with people that we trust. We haven’t tried to overextend ourselves. Also, we’re not as uptight as some other venues/parties might be. There’s no cover at the door. The only thing you have to worry about to get in is to get there early and be respectful. Showing up with girls helps a whole lot; showing up at 2:30am with 8 dudes doesn’t.


So you guys must have huge lines then since you don’t charge cover, right?

Raul: It’s a free party, but people have to understand that we need to have a balance. It definitely has to be more girls than guys. So yes we don’t charge cover, but we have to balance out who comes in to party.

DZA: And like we said, we started the party to cater to girls. So our ratio is chill. A lot of the girls are girls who would normally go to South Beach or Gables girls and girls who wouldn’t normally be at a place like Peachfuzz, but the music and the atmosphere makes them go and stay. It’s a free party but a lot of people try to get in when the party is near capacity and start namedropping at the door. That’s not going to work because we put priorities to girls at the door.

Pres: Eventually everybody gets in but you might need to wait a little bit. Patience goes a long way. The easiest way to stay in line for a long time is to give our door girl attitude and mouth off. By the way, that never helps anywhere, ever.

DZA: We sometimes get “entry level clubgoers” that don’t really have club-going etiquette yet and don’t understand the concept of the door policy.


What are some of the best or randomly good reactions you’ve gotten music wise during some of the sets?

Raul: What’s crazy is that DZA is only 22 years old and he understands the context and the history of all these older songs from the 80’s and 90’s. He’s been able to listen these songs and make them work perfectly every week.

DZA: The most random positive reactions would have to be between a time that I played the Cardigans “Lovefool” or “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo. And also maybe this one time when Pase Rock played N’ Sync “Tearin up my heart” out of nowhere and the floor was packed with all the girls just singing a long to every word. That song would normally be so out of place but you had to be there that night to hear and see the flow of the party to really make sense of how it worked that night.



So what would you say is a good Top Five List of songs that are the “classic” Peachfuzz songs?

1. Most classic Peachfuzz song is probably Next “Too Close”. Its such a hit. It’s a fucking song about boners. Who the fuck doesn’t like Next “Too Close”?
2. Crystal Waters “Gypsy Women” – is also an OG Peachfuzz song.
3. Montell Jordan’s “Get It On Tonight.”
4. Ghosttown DJ’s “My Boo”. You can mute the sound, and every girl is singing.
5. And then definitely R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”.
6. Honorable Mention: Three Six Mafia “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” or any Uncle Al or booty music and it’s a wrap.


So how about Ashley Outrageous? I know she’s the host for Peachfuzz and is involved. How did that connection happen?

DZA: Ashley is sick. We love her. We thought it’d be cool to have her attached to the party because she reaches a level of younger hip hop kids and blog kids that we don’t really have a gateway to. She brought that and much more to the table. It’s worked out perfectly. And she does a lot of cool shit on her own too. She knows where she’s going and has such a great drive.


The party has been going on for about a year and two months. What would you say is a highlight of the party for you guys, so far?

Raul: Eric Spoelstra coming to Peachfuzz like a week or two after the Heat won the championship.

DZA: Yeah, Spoelstra. I was in France for a month when he came and I was so fuckin’ pissed!

Pres: I think the Friday before Christmas 2011 was pretty amazing. With Mr. Mauricio as a guest DJ.

DZA: Actually yeah that Christmas party was packed. The power kept going off and nobody flinched. They would just keep singing along and dancing while we were working on fixing the electricity.

Pres: But it was really the first time we really saw the potential of the party because we were only about 4 weeks into it at that point. Then from there, we never looked back and here we are today. I think another highlight was having Tony Touch play a salsa set at like 4 in the morning. Every girl in the room was dead tired by then. He had them going all night. They kind of started winding down. But when Tony Touch got up and started playing Salsa – every girl ran up to the dance floor and danced salsa for a good 45 minutes till about 5am.


What can we look forward to from you guys in 2013?

Raul: We kicked off a Tuesday night at Bardot called Crushes, it’s a fun non-top-40 but open format party. We just started hosting a party at the Rec Room in the Gale Hotel called Beachkred. DZA Dj’s it too. It’s probably the best new party on the beach. And we just want to keep the consistency going with Peachfuzz and keep going down the list of all the DJ’s that we want to book for the party. We’re just getting started.

DZA: I think one of the cool things that we have coming up, is that we might bring the party into various different cities on a quarterly basis or maybe a monthly basis.

Raul: We’re still working out details, but we’re definitely trying to see if we can make it happen this year. So definitely look out for that.


One last and final question, the name Peachfuzz, where’d you guys come up with it?

DZA: I’m usually terrible with names, but I came up with it. It’s from a KMD song from back in the day, called “Peach Fuzz.“

Pres: I think aside from the KMD reference, it just sounds light hearted and fun.It sets the tone for your mood before you even get there. I mean who the fuck isn’t expecting to have a good time at a place called “Peachfuzz”. We know not everyone has heard that KMD song, which is in a way a good thing. It lets people attach their own meaning to the name.

DZA: The name is not too serious, its not too hip-hop and sounds humorous.

Raul: I met MC Serch not too long ago and he’s the one that actually discovered KMD and I told him I did a party called “Peachfuzz” and we got a trip out of it. That was definitely a dope moment.


— Peachfuzz Fridays goes down every Friday at The Garrett, 697 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136. For more information on Peachfuzz Fridays, follow the official account on Twitter @PeachfuzzFriday

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