NEWS LINKS 02.04.13 – The U Football Alumni have a great weekend, ULTRA is Sold Out and the story behind Royalties & Youtube Views


We’ve been on like a 2-Week Vacation that didn’t go as planned. But we promise to get things kicked off right now in February towards the rest of the year. But all in all, its been a crazy week and it was a crazy Super Bowl. Performances, blackouts, late-game comebacks and more. But what was the greatest of all was seeing Ray Lewis and a few more alumni Miami alumni get those rings including Bryant McKinnie, Damien Berry and Ed Reed. Plus, on a sidenote Warren Sapp got entered into the Hall Of Fame. It was a good week for The U. Get some of your Monday morning news fix with the links below…


LeBron is not worried about being top-paid player in the NBA (he’s actually 13th). He knows what he’s worth…but…other things are more important than a salary ranking or figure. [Fox Sports]

Ultra Music Festival 2013‘s Weekend Two Is Officially Sold Out. [Crossfade]

Dan Marino’s Wife Claire Knew About His Secret Love Child; CBS Didn’t. [Riptide]

Vote for the University Of Miami’s school newspapers Best Of 2013 List. [The Hurricane]

A Wynwood art gallery has been getting free police protection on the tax dollars dime for the last two months since Art Basel, and will continue to get it for a couple more months. That’s making a whole lotta’ people pissed while those in favor are saying that its the least that could be done to protect over $500 Million dollars of artwork being held at the gallery for Miami’s pleasure. Read more at the Herald. [Miami Herald]

Drake released his new single “Started From The Bottom” over the weekend. Our thoughts? Ehh. It wasn’t too impressive considering his past work, but then again, there’s still an entire albums worth of material that should be out soon with his upcoming album. Listen to the track by clicking on the link. – [Hypebeast]

Alex Rodriguez finds a nice lil’ renter for his mega-mansion on Miami Beach. Oh, for a measly $125,000 a month. Cha-ching! [RealDealMiami]

Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and others have a new commercial. [Smoking Section]

– Downtown Miami Enjoying Condo Sale Resurgence. [CBS Miami]

Temple Run 2 Sets New Mobile Game Download Record, over 50 Million sold within 13 days. [InFlexWeTrust]

How Much Is A Music Video Worth In Terms Of Royalties and Youtube Views?. [Video Static]

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