RUMORS: SFX Taking Over South Beach Nightlife?


Local nightlife forums, TalkNightLife has been abuzz for a while now about some big change coming to South Beach’s nightlife scene. And well, a few members have gotten their investigative skills on deck to uncover that SFX, founded byΒ Robert F. X. Sillerman, has pretty much purchased a large stake in Opium Group, which controls and manages Mansion, SET, Cameo and Mokai Lounge. The proof comes with permit/planning notices posted on the front door of Mokai and Set that listed SFX in the corporate listing of those notices.

Then, the other side of the rumor suggests that SFX is also in the midst of finalizing its deal to buy into Space and then MMG (which controls LIV, Arkadia and Story). SFX has made its plans to dive headfirst into the world of EDM pretty public and they have already made other acquisitions in the EDM arena as of recent.

Now what does this mean to the average club-goer or potential employee of any of these rumored venues? Well, all things point towards a super-unbalanced monopolization of the biggest clubs on the beach, which doesn’t seem like it could be a good thing for those in support of diversity in the nightlife game. And with Ultra and WMC coming up in less than two months, these new developments should make for interesting time during one of the biggest weeks of the year for the Miami EDM industry.

We’d be lying to you if we told you we knew the extent of any possible implications, but you can read the lengthy post/thread by clicking here and making your own judgement on what this could mean for the future of South Beach’s club scene.

Source: TalkNightLife

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