Walmart Redesigns Plans For Midtown Miami Location

Walmart Redesign in Midtown

Proposed look for the new Walmart set to start construction by this summer in Midtown.

After the uproar by residents in the Midtown area about plans for construction of a Walmart, the chain store has submitted redesigned plans to the City of Miami, which will include the opportunity to lease retail space to potential independent stores and restaurants interested. The retail space will be a staggering 16,000-square-feet, which will be located on the ground floor of one side of the Walmart store.

In the Miami Herald, it is stated that this new space will most likely boost the economy of the area.

“Throughout this process, we have remained engaged with the surrounding community to discuss ways our plan could best serve local residents,” said Steven Restivo, senior director of community affairs for Walmart. “Our plan now allows for additional retail that will not only compliment our store but also offer customers more choices for their shopping needs. Plus, we think the opportunity to activate an empty parcel will add an additional economic boost to the surrounding area.” (Miami Herald)

Zyskovich Architects

The retail space will be located along Midtown Boulevard between NW 31st Street and NW 29th Street. The retail space will be big enough to fit 4-6 new restaurants and shops. While it is still waiting the approval of the City of Miami staff, construction of the Walmart should start this summer and be due to open before the end of 2014.


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