Pharrell Files $5 Million Lawsuit Over Qream Liquor Deal Gone Bad

Pharrell Qream Lawsuit

Pharrell Qream Lawsuit

Pharrell Williams has filed a lawsuit against Diageo North America over failure to produce and distribute his “Qream” alcoholic beverage in a New York City court. Originally, Qream was supposed to be marketed towards women as a high-end beverage but according to Pharrell, that wasn’t the case.

He says that it was marketed as a “club drink” and not to the intended target demographic, which he believes is the reason sales were “substantially lower”. The lawsuit claims that Diageo made it aware to Pharrell that they would be closing up shop without warning in July 2012.

I’m sure a few of us remember how hard Pharrell went out of his way to promote Qream for two years. Pharrell had turned away other offers to collaborate with other alcoholic beverage distributors to have this happen to him at the end. Poor guy.

To add more to the melting pot of BS, the lawsuit also claims that Diageo manufactured bottles of Qream that had faulty tops, which obviously leads to wastefulness. For all these claims, he is seeking $5 million in damages.


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