Cris Cab x Alexander Mijares Collaboration

Cris Cab has been killin’ it as of late. And here’s a collabo type video he just did with local Miami artist Alexander Mijares . Cris sings glimpses of his new single “Livin’ On Sunday” while Alexander paints one of Cris’ guitars. A dope video shot by Julien Diaz for Merge Studios. And make sure to look out for Cris’ next mixtape coming out next month.

Cris Cab X Alexander Mijares Collaboration – Acclaimed Miami artist Alexander Mijares in commissioned to paint a vintage spanish guitar for Cris Cab. This combination between visual design, and music show the amazingly beautiful results when both worlds collide. Alexander has caught the art world’s attention this year through his showings at Miami’s Art Basel and is soon to be a name on everybody’s mind when thinking of the ground breaking artists coming out of the South Florida art scene.  Music featured – Acoustic version of Living On Sunday taken from Cris Cab’s upcoming mixtape due in February.