Rick Ross Updates

Rick Ross has kicked off the new year with a little bit of positive momentum. We missed a couple of posts due to upgrading the site and getting things situated so here’s a round up of the three big headlines concerning Ross.

  1. He wrapped up 2012 by performing and staying the Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands for a few performances and downtime. Watch the video recap here.
  2. Then, news came out that Rick Ross is headed towards the small screen with a guest appearances on the second season of Starz’s Magic City. He has some sort of cameo, and you can see like half a second of it at the 1:38 mark of the Magic City Season 2 trailer by clicking here.
  3. And lastly, as expected, Rick announced the title of new album coming out later this year and its entitled Mastermind. Check out the album trailer/visuals to introduce you to the new project. Click here to watch that.